What can you wrap?
We wrap luggage, backpacks, boxes, large parcels, wheelchairs, prams and more. See the items we wrap HERE
What are your opening hours?
Our wrapping kiosks are open from 3:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday.
What are the accepted payment methods for luggage wrapping?
We accept all major Credit Cards and we accept cash in Mexican Pesos, US Dollars and Euros.
For luggage wrapping, can we book online?
Yes! You can now pre-purchase your luggage wrapping HERE. If you book online, you can get an exlusive discounted price, plus also priority access and skip the queue when you come to our wrapping station. Please note that booking needs to be made at least 12 hours in advance.
What’s the largest size of box that you can wrap?
Our machine can wrap items up to 1200mm X 500mm X 1200mm in size, and if the item is too big we can hand-wrap almost any object!
How much extra weight will be added to the bag or luggage after wrapping?
Approximately 200g
How long does it take to get my bag wrapped?
Not long at all! It takes less than a minute to get 1 bag wrapped.
Won’t a lock better protect my luggage?
Unfortunately, not. Since locks are usually fastened at the most vulnerable part of a bag—the full length of the zipper—they offer very low measures of security. Locks are only designed to hold two ends of the zip together, which does not guarantee protection to the zip itself. All it takes is a sharp object (even the tip of a ball point pen) to pry open the zipper’s teeth.
My bags will still be opened for inspection at check in, right?
There’s no need. Where we currently operate, airports are now using specialised X-ray technology so that airport officials no longer have to manually open each piece of luggage. This means your wrapped bags can go through security seamlessly and still arrive at your destination unopened.
Can I still wrap my bags if I’m flying to the USA?
Yes! Contrary to popular belief, we wrap hundreds of bags going to the United States. Under USA flight requirements, baggage must be available for inspection at any point in time, which means bags are vulnerable to having locks and cables removed permanently. Our system is TSA approved and the plastic wrap we use on your luggage is clear, so inspectors can see that there are no locks or other protective items to remove. The only time bags are physically opened is when they are flagged for further inspection during transit—in which case, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials will leave an attached note in the bag confirming their security check. However, this does not happen often, as USA airport authorities are very familiar with luggage wrapping.
What is the best way to take my guitar on the plane?
Your guitar is very dear to you and you don’t want your instrument get damaged during your flight. We are happy to help you protect your guitar, so that you can take it with you on the plane with peace of mind. Would you like to check in your guitar? Always make sure that you transport your instrument in a guitar box. We can seal the guitar box with an extra layer of bubble wrap. This means that your instrument is optimally protected against damage, bursting open, theft and bad weather conditions. Every sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder in case your guitar does not arrive at its destination.
How do I transport a child stroller on the plane?
Would you like to take a child stroller, pram, buggy, maxi cosi or carrycot with you on the plane? Seal & Go sells special child stroller covers. Don’t worry that the stroller is too big for the cover. Our stroller covers are even big enough to fit a twin stroller! You can also choose to have your pram, buggy, maxi cosi, carrycot sealed with an extra layer of bubble wrap. Then your baggage is even better protected against damage, drug smuggling, bad weather conditions, germs and bacteria. Every sealing gets a free QR sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder in case your child stroller does not arrive at its destination.
How do I take my surfboard on the plane?
Would you like to take your surfboard, wakeboard or bodyboard with you on the plane? Your surfboard fits perfectly in our sealing machine. By sealing the surfboard with an extra layer of bubble wrap, you benefit from optimal protection. The sealing is properly closed. Your surfboard is well protected against damage and drug smuggling. Every sealed surfboard gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder if the surfboard does not arrive at its destination.
How do I transport my golf bag when I travel by plane?
Do you go for a golf weekend trip and do you want to take your golf bag with you? That will be no problem. Take your golf bag to Seal & Go and ask for a bubble foil sealing. The sealing is perfectly closed and protected from bursting open, damage, theft and smuggling. Every sealed golf bag goes with a free Seal & Trace sticker. With this sticker you will be able to easily contact the finder of your baggage in case it does not arrive at its destination.
Is your plastic film 100% recyclable?
Yes, our film is 100% recyclable. Please throw away your used foil in a designated “plastic” waste bin.
The ProtecBag film is bio-based. Doesn’t it compose during my travel?
No. It does not compose during travel. Altough it is made of residual flows of recycled polyethylene (plastic), It is made to last the entire trip.
ProtecBag offers protection against bursting open?
By applying a sealing, baggage without a lock (or baggage with a dysfunctional lock), will be hold together. Especially if you travel with a backpack, it is important to let the backpack get sealed to protect it against bursting open.
ProtecBag offers protection from any virus or bacteria?
By sealing or wrapping your baggage, viruses do not stick directly on to your baggage and cracks and slits will be securely closed. Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your baggage. Read more about protection from bacteria and viruses.
Wrapped baggage will less likely to get damaged?
The layers of film will protect your baggage from scratches and dents, which may occur during traveling. It is also possible to get an extra layer of bubble foil underneath the shrink foil, so the suitcase or bag (or other piece of baggage) will be even better protected from damage. Loose parts, like belts or handles, can get stuck during transport. With a sealing, the baggage will become one piece without any loose ends.
ProtecBag offers protection from planting or smuggling drugs?
Yes!! Did you know a suitcase zipper is easy to open and close again? Simply by using a pen. Even if the suitcase is locked. There are many tricks for opening a locked suitcase. All tricks are easy to watch on youtube.com. Especially persons with bad intentions perfectly know how to open and close a suitcase without you noticing. With a sealing you will be better protected. When the sealing has been opened, this will be clearly visible. If the baggage was opened by customs, it will carry a special customs sticker. If not, go to customs to report someone messed with your baggage and you won’t be responsible for what one may find inside.
ProtecBag reduces the chance of theft?
Like mentioned, there are many tricks for opening your baggage. But in a busy airport environment, a thief has to operate quickly. Baggage foreseen by a layer of foil is more difficult to open, other (easier to open) baggage will be a less complicated target. Of course, sealing baggage is no guarantee for preventing theft, but your baggage will be a less attractive target.
The baggage will be traceable?
Every wrapped piece of luggage comes with a free QR sticker. With this sticker you will be able to register your baggage using our mobile app. After registration, your baggage will be traceable.
What to do when my baggage is lost?
Check our Lost & Found section.
How to prevent lost baggage
Make sure to remove all old bag tags from your baggage before you check in your suitcase or bag, so airport/airline staff will not mistake sending your baggage to the wrong flight. Take a picture of your baggage before you check it in, so you will be able to identify your baggage as being yours. It often occurs other passengers accidentally take your baggage because they have similar looking baggage. That is why we always advise you to mark your baggage so it stands out in the crowd. If you have our QR code sticker, use our mobile app to register your baggage online.
What to do if your baggage is damaged?
We advise you to immediately check for damage when you arrive at your destination. Do not leave the airport yet. If your baggage is damaged, please go to the Baggage Claim Office to state your baggage is damaged. Do not rip off your baggage tags. The airline needs them to report the damaged baggage..
Can the wrapping machine damage my baggage?
No, it will not damage your baggage. The temperature of your baggage will only increase by half a degree Celsius.
How long have you provided luggage sealing services ?
ProtecBag has been providing secure baggage wrapping services on airport concourses since 1989
How will I remove the wrap after I have arrived at my destination?
Use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors and carefully remove the wrapping.
What other protective measures can you offer?
We provide a full range of travel goods and accessories at all of our airport outlets; including padlocks, bubble wrap, and tape, and a wide range of bags for repacking.
CONTACT US : contacto@protecbag.mx