Want peace of mind during your travels?
Activate the ProtecBag app and keep your stuff safe along your journey with ONE single app.


Our QR-code sticker system allows you to register your personal items in our app. From suitcases to passports, wallets, tablets, laptops, watches, etc., which will allow you be easily contacted in case of loss anywhere in the world.

To activate the Lost & Found Tracking Concierge follow these steps:

1. Download and login to the ProtecBag app (iOS & Android)
2. Scan the QR code and register it
3. In case of loss, report it as lost
4. When found, you will be notified and contacted to retrieve the item through DHL Express or personal pickup.

Compensation guarantee

Customers will have 72 hours from the date on the Airlines Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) to contact ProtecBag and report the loss or damage of luggage.

Total loss of luggage - up to a maximum of USD 4,000
Damage of luggage - up to a maximum of USD 2,000

In order to know the terms, conditions and procedure to claim the guarantee please click here


World wide recovery

Our system is compatible with all Lost & Found offices. Our worldwide agreement with DHL allows you to recover your item with DHL Express services, so that it arrives quickly and safely.

Your information is private.

Our stickers do not display any personal information. Your data is stored in the mobile application and is protected


Through notifications on your smartphone, if someone finds your lost object and reports it, the app will inform you when and where it has been found, so you can coordinate its recovery.