Wrapping benefits? A lot of them
Wrapping your items ensures your peace of mind
Wrap benefits

Deter thieves & criminals

  • - Tamper proof to discourage Airport thieves
  • - Theft proof to prevent pilferage
  • - Immediately know if baggage has been rigged with

Reduce risk of insertion of illicit goods and overseas scams

  • - Avoid criminals to plant drugs or insert unauthorized items
  • - If items were placed the film makes it easy to detect if the bag has been opened
  • - At origin we weigh you bag to compare the weight at destination in case new items have been placed inside

Protection against luggage damage and weather conditions

  • - Ultra-resistant protective plastic to keep the bag in pristine condition and prolong its life
  • - Eco-friendly film to repeal staining from spillages and protect against scratches and rips
  • - Waterproof film to shield you bag against water (rain, snow, monsoon) and dry (humidity)

Easily identifiable wrap

  • - Brightly recyclable red-colored wrap to easily identify your bag at baggage claim
  • - Especially packed international flights with multiple connections
  • - Our non-toxic film offers you a stress free trip with guaranteed 100% peace of mind

Keeps the luggage from bursting open

  • - Prevent overloaded luggage from opening during flight and transit
  • - Protective film strengthens previously damaged baggage
  • - Join and consolidate 2 separate packages or pieces of luggage and make them 1 piece to

Complement with bubble wrap protection

  • - We provide bubble wrap to further protect your items
  • - Skis, golf bags, skateboards and surfboards apply if required
  • - Real extra protection for fragile luggage and objects

Perfect for fragile & oversize sport items

  • - Protect sensible and expensive gear and equipment
  • - Loose items will not be dislodged
  • - Items will not be mishandled

Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your baggage

  • - Before we wrap your bag, we thoroughly disinfect the baggage using a sanitizer spray that is certified against COVID-19.
  • - Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your luggage as the film prevents it. .Viruses do not stick directly on to your baggage and cracks and slits will be securely closed.
How it works

Choose your level of protection

Choose Standard or Premium (includes COVID certified sanitization + Insurance + Lost & Found tracking concierge) protection and pre-purchase with discount.


Arrive to the airport

Our staff will welcome you and place your bag in the machine. It will be enfolded with our protective film.


Nice & tight

The film is slightly heated to shrink tightly around your luggage.


Protection achieved

Our staff will remove the film from handles and wheels, so you can use your bag as normal. Bag now ready to fight against virus, bacteria, thieves, smugglers, bursting open and getting lost.


Baggage claim

Easily identify your bag. If your film is broken or pilfered it means that someone messed with your baggage. Go immediately to Customs or to the Airline counter to file a complaint (P.I.R. = Airlines Property Irregularity Report).

What we wrap


  • - Trolley Cases
  • - Suitcases
  • - Carry-On suitcases
  • - Holdalls


  • - Duffel Bags
  • - Backpacks
  • - Rucksacks

Sports bags / Equipment

  • - Golf Bags
  • - Sports equipment
  • - Skis, ski poles and ski boots
  • - Fishing equipment

Other miscellaneous items

  • - Prams, buggies, and pushchairs
  • - Childrens' car seats
  • - Wheels chairs and walking sticks
  • - Any Odd shaped items