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wrapping pack
Our premium package includes:
  • Resistant film made of recycled plastics
  • Guaranteed compensation up to USD 4,000
  • Lost & Found tracking concierge
  • COVID certified sanitizer 60ml
Exclusive online discount
$ 550 $ 450 *
*Exclusive price for online pre-purchase to pick-up at any of our 14 wrapping stations at Cancun Airport. Prices at the Airport will increase.
The wrapping

If you’re one of the 23 million passengers whose bag got mishandled or stolen, it’s time to upgrade to Protec Bag. Our tamper proof wrap deters thieves, reduces the risk of insertion of drugs and illicit goods, protects your bag against damage and weather conditions. It also keeps the luggage from bursting open and it’s easily identifiable at baggage claim. It’s time to invest in peace and relax.

Deter thieves & criminals

Tamper proof to discourage pilferage and Airport thieves. Immediately know if your luggage has been rigged with.

Avoid insertion of illegal items

Criminals won’t be able to use your bag as a mule and plant drugs. We weigh your bag at origin and compare it at arrival. Also easy to detect if bag was opened.

Keeps the luggage from bursting open

Prevent overloaded luggage from opening during flight and transit. Join and consolidate 2 different packages and make them 1 piece. Easy to identify at baggage claim.

Damage & weather protection

Ultra-resistant plastic to keep the bag in pristine condition and extend its usable life. Film repeals scratches, bacteria, stains, water, snow, dust and dirt.

Red metallic finish
Stretch fit
69 cm x 47 cm x 35 cm
x x
Made from recycled plastics
Our ultra-resistant film is made from other plastics that were recycled and it’s 100% biodegradable.
How it works
Pre-purchase your wrapping and save time & money
Select your size (Standard, Carry-on, XL, Special size)
Pay online, enjoy our discounted prices and save money
Go to any of the 14 ProtecBag stations located in all Cancun Terminals
Relax, your bags are fine!
Nothing better than knowing your bags are secured and insured. A feeling of relief.
A great tip I received was to wrap my bag before checking my luggage on international flights.
Traveling peacefully with our luggage protected.
Bags protected! 
When boarding, we did no doubt protect what is important to us!
Go after your happiness!
After hours and hours of flight, but with our luggage very well protected, we arrived at our first stop VEGASSSSS.
 I went to check out a tip I received and I liked it so much that I'm sharing it with you too.
Sealed luggage looks good. 
My luggage well protected and secure. 
On my way to Australia with my bags protected. 
World record: traveling with 23 bags 
Won’t a lock better protect my luggage?
Unfortunately, not. Since locks are usually fastened at the most vulnerable part of a bag—the full length of the zipper—they offer very low measures of security. Locks are only designed to hold two ends of the zip together, which does not guarantee protection to the zip itself. All it takes is a sharp object (even the tip of a ball point pen) to pry open the zipper’s teeth.
ProtecBag offers protection from any virus or bacteria?
By sealing or wrapping your baggage, viruses do not stick directly on to your baggage and cracks and slits will be securely closed. Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your baggage. Read more about protection from bacteria and viruses.
My bags will still be opened for inspection at check in, right?
There’s no need. Airports are now using specialised X-ray technology so that airport officials no longer have to manually open each piece of luggage. This means your wrapped bags can go through security seamlessly and still arrive at your destination unopened.
Can I still wrap my bags if I’m flying to the USA?
Yes! Contrary to popular belief, we wrap hundreds of bags going to the United States. Our system is TSA approved and the plastic wrap we use on your luggage is clear, so inspectors can see that there are no locks or other protective items to remove.
What can you wrap?
We wrap luggage, backpacks, boxes, large parcels, wheelchairs, prams and more. See the items we wrap HERE
How long does it take to get my bag wrapped?
Not long at all! It takes less than a minute to get 1 bag wrapped.