Can you catch or spread the Coronavirus through your luggage?  

Can you catch or spread the Coronavirus through your luggage?  

Sep 01 , 2021

Protect Bag Admin

Medical experts say the threat is moderate but suggest several precautions you can take to reduce the worry even more. The strongest measure you can take is to wrap your bag with our recycled stretch film. Why?


  1. At places like the baggage belt, baggage transport cart and in the belly of the plane, your baggage will be in direct contact of other people’s baggage. There, bacteria and viruses can easily jump from one baggage item to another and pose a risk of contamination.


  1. Before we wrap your luggage, we thoroughly disinfect the bag using a certified disinfectant spray. We make sure no bacteria and viruses will enter the sealing machine. The product we use is CLORALEX Spray COVID-19 Certified


  1. Cracks and slits in suitcases and backpacks allow bacteria and viruses to even penetrate to the contents of your baggage. By wrapping your bag, those bacteria and viruses do not stick directly on to your suitcase, backpack, stroller or golf bag, but on the film. And cracks and slits are securely closed. Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your suitcase or backpack.


  1. Do not remove the film until you have arrived at your final destination. This way, your baggage will stay protected against theft, damage, getting lost, bursting open, viruses, bacteria, dirt and bad weather, also during your taxi or bus ride. Remove the foil at your final destination (e.g. your hotel room) and wash your hands thoroughly.


REMEMBER: Our film is not only made from recycled plastics, but it is also recyclable. That is why we ask you to deposit the used film in a plastic waste bin, so the plastic can be recycled. This way, we do not only keep it safe, but we also protect the environment.